TEPSBEST Marketing Group

TEPSBEST Marketing Group is an emerging leader in the Restaurant Marketing arena. With nearly a decade of first-hand experience through our extremely successful TEPSBEST Restaurant Group – owning and operating numerous, highly-successful restaurants in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania – we’ve learned by experience what marketing works and what doesn’t! We’re here to save you the hassle, headache, and money of finding out the hard way.

Our innovative, young, mobile, energetic, and thriving Marketing Group is uniquely composed of members that complement each other, providing a comprehensive approach to restaurant marketing. Owners Michael and Diane Tepedino have owned and operated a number successful restaurants, including Trackside Station Grill & Bar, Garlic Restaurant & Bar, Liquid Martini Bar, and Tepedino’s Pizzeria. Michael and Diane pride themselves in the fact that they have purchased failing businesses and turned them into lucrative, destination dining establishments in Poconos.

Joining Michael and Diane is Marketing Director Robin Opperlee. Robin Opperlee brings a solid business background to the table, holding leadership roles in a variety of fields – hospitality,  corporate marketing, education, and nonprofit – specializing in marketing and sales.

Our Marketing Group has evolved from the successful implementation and execution of a Marketing Department within our Restaurant Group, and has grown into a commodity sought out by many restaurants. In an ever changing and demanding landscape, restaurant marketing has its unique challenges. With the emergence of a cell phone in every hand, marketing for restaurants has shifted significantly over the last few years. Staying ahead of these trends is a full-time job and we know you’re busy, so let us make your life easier.