The first thing someone looks at when they go to your Facebook business page is the nice little visual piece of content sitting at the top of your page known as your cover photo.

The standard cover photo size is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall and takes up almost a quarter of the screen on most desktops. For a mobile view, the portions seen on the phone crops down to 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall.

Often referred to as your Facebook banner, this image is one of the most noticeable parts of your business page. Which means it should be a priority and not just a random selected photo and your logo on it.

Knowing how to make and optimize your cover photo is crucial in creating a successful Facebook business page. Check out TEPSBEST Media’s top 4 best practices for creating a cover photo that will grab attention and increase your social media engagement.

01. Make sure your Facebook cover photo is the correct size

As highlighted above, the best Facebook cover photo size is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall for the desktop. For mobile, the size is taller and narrower coming in at 650 pixels wide by 360 tall. You do not want to spend all of this time creating a cover photo only to have it look weird when you go to upload it. The last thing you want is an important piece to get cut off or not be able to position it as you visioned.

If you upload an image smaller than the recommended, Facebook will actually stretch it to fit the right dimensions. And stretching an image is never a good thing in the creative world. For a hassle free way to make sure your cover photos are the correct size, download our Facebook business cover photo template here.

02. Create a focal point and match your brand

Think of your cover photo as the portion of your page that is going to make it or break it for viewers scrolling down your page. If it is distracting or confusing, people will be more likely to go to a different page.

The best cover photos include a centerpiece to focus someones attention, along with a color scheme that aligns with the rest of your branding. It is important to remember that your social media accounts are an extension of your business, so they should look cohesive with your website and marketing materials.

Most importantly, focusing on a center focal point also helps to ensure viewers on both the computer and mobile devices can see all of your important information. So you will really be nailing down the first two of our tips!

PRO TIP: Your business page should have a call to action button on the bottom righthand side of your cover photo. And if it doesn’t, you should add one. Make the viewers eyes go from the left to right so that they end looking at your CTA. This will increase the likelihood of them actually clicking the button.

03. Consider publishing a video as a cover photo

Yup. Facebook has expanded and now allows us to add video to our cover photos — even on our profile photos! Of course Facebook has criteria you need to follow, but we made it easy for you by listing it below.

Step 1: Create a video in the size of 820 pixels wide by 426 pixels tall and is a duration between 20-90 seconds long. Save it to your desktop.

Step 2: Open your Facebook business page on your computer — it will NOT work on the mobile app. Click “Change Cover” at the top lefthand side of your current cover photo and select “Upload Photo/Video.”

Step 3: Once you upload the video file from your desktop, click “Next” to select a thumbnail version of your video. This will display for users who hover over your profile photo before visiting your full business page and also on the Facebook app.

Videos instead of photos are a terrific option for the video-inclined. But keep in mind that your video must be as simple as your cover photo would be. Keep in mind our tips from #2 in this blog post.

04. Keep mobile viewers in mind

Over half of users view Facebook while on a mobile device. That is HUGE! Which is exactly why it is vital to keep the mobile users in mind when creating your cover photo for your business.

On the phone, a much larger portion of your chosen cover photo is blocked out and only the center focus remains legible. Check out this example below for Basile’s Italian Restaurant.

Desktop v Mobile

Notice that the sides of the photo are cut off on mobile. Whereas the photo on desktop displays wider and slightly more narrow. All of the important information within this example is within the boundaries of both desktop and mobile. Remember to be careful and not to put important information so far to the left or right sides that it gets cut off while viewing on the phone.

BONUS: Include a link the description that aligns with your CTA

If you want to use your cover photo to support a CTA, make sure the description of the photo includes body copy and a link to the same offer. This way, any time someone clicks directly on your cover photo, they can access the link right away.

If you do not have a particular CTA or sale on your cover photo, write a short description of your business and include a link to your website instead. This will allow viewers to get to know your brand and connect with you on different platforms.

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