When you are a start up business with a list of priorities, planning events isn’t even crossing your mind. Heck, even businesses who have been in the game for a while tend to not even think about it. But you should be.

Planning events can be a powerful tool for your marketing. Think about it. Not only do events allow you to engage with the local businesses, but they introduce you to the community in a fun and unique way.

Nowadays, businesses are relying on using social media and word of mouth to engage with potential customers. Sure social media can get the word out, but it tends to be a hit or a miss. You can spend $20 a day on boosting an ad on Facebook in the hopes to gain new followers, but are they actually turning into leads? No matter how tech the world is becoming, your potential customers still appreciate the personal interaction.

Instead of praying someone will stop scrolling over your Facebook ad you worked hours on trying to meet all of the insane criteria set by Facebook, you can be making a statement by planning.

Here are our best strategies for planning an awesome event that will not only increase your engagement in the community, but increase traffic through your door.

Who is your target audience?

The key to any successful event, and marketing in general, is to really think about your target audience. Build a persona around them and come up with a description of their characteristics, emotions and even down to what they like to do.

Health Spa example: Women aged 30-50 who have a full time job making an income of $60k or more and enjoy relaxing, taking care of their bodies and being pampered. They are women who respect their body and do whatever is necessary to ensure their bodies are properly cared for and their skin is radiant.

Now, take this persona and think of other local businesses that could relate to it. Using the example from above, other businesses that could resonate with this particular persona include recovery centers, hair salons, nail salons, yoga/pilates studios.

Once you have a list of generic businesses, you can look within your community to see who you would be interested in partnering with.

PRO TIP: Make sure they resonate with your brand message so that there is an overlap of potential customers for both you AND the other business.

What type of event do you want to run?

Before you reach out to any business about partnering with you for an event, you need to know what type of event you want to host in the first place. And most importantly, how are you going to make it fun and intriguing?

For example, a health spa can partner with a yoga studio for a ladies night to offer women in the community an evening of relaxation through yoga, facials and massages.

For this example, you’d not only be promoting your services through facials and massages, but  you would also be promoting the yoga studio and their instructors. This type of partnership is a win-win because BOTH businesses would benefit.

When are you having the event?

When the business you reach out to loves your idea and wants to co-host the event with you, you can now sit down and set a date. Depending on the type of event, we recommend picking a day at least a month out, even more. You want to make sure you give your audience enough time to learn, engage and act.

Where will you market the event?

You are in the home stretch of planning your event. Now, it is time to execute some rockstar marketing and get your event out in the public eye.

To start, make an account on Eventbrite to make your event official with printed tickets. Even if your event is free, this will also help you gage the number of people to expect to come on event day. From there, create an event on Facebook through your business page and add your co-host so that it also shows up on their profile.

Once you have the internet connected and event public, you can think about other avenues to market your event. Maybe you want to make posters and hang it in both business locations, send out an email blast or event mail postcards to a specific demographic. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is eye catching, professional and original.

PRO TIP: When you are marketing your event, think about why people should care. Other than the obvious, what are you offering them? Sure you can focus on the yoga class and facials, but you’ll engage with your audience more by selling them the story. How are they going to feel? Why would they need to come? What is this going to do for them?

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