Getting Started on SEO and SERPS

We recently discussed how the terms used in digital marketing can sound intimidating. Now that the lingo has been demystified, it is time to focus on the task ahead. Starting the Search Engine Optimization, SEO, process through keyword analysis.

Keyword analysis is the starting point of any SEO campaign. This is where you begin to find what keywords will help your site rank higher in the SERPS (remember SERPS?). If you are doing your research incorrectly, all of your efforts (and money) may not give you the desired results. Enter the reliable keyword analysis tool. For several years the preferred tool for keyword volume analysis was the Free Keyword Tool from Google. It did what every SEO analyst needed. Unfortunately Google dropped the product.

The Good News…

The good news is that Google replaced their old keyword tool with the Google Keyword Planner. Unfortunately it is better suited for Pay Per Click (PPC) keyword research than for SEO research. But it gets the job done nonetheless. There are a few alternative tools such as the Microsoft Bing Keyword Tool, or my personal favorite, Wordstream. But Google is still the king of the hill for free keyword research. Why? Because Google dominates the search engine market. With a whopping 90% of searches done through Google it is clearly the place to research your keyword needs.

Going the Extra Mile

There are several paid keyword tools and each of them has their benefits and disadvantages. Among the top paid SEO tools is SEMrush. SEMrush offers in depth analytical reports based on keywords, competition advertising and a host of other digital marketing activities. While paid research tools are amazing, they are often just too complicated and involved for casual users. Tools like SEMrush are complete with tools for researching your competitors and seeing how they leverage their keywords as well as off-page SEO tactics. As a small business owner you do not necessarily want to get tied into SEO as a full time endeavor. Even SEMrush offers articles and lists on free keyword research and SEO tools.

Still Confused?

Don’t stress yourself out. This is our lingo and it takes time to understand the backend to any digital platform. Give TEPSBEST a call at 570-476-4000 and we would be happy to help clarify any of your SEO and SERPS questions!

Until then, may you rank high in the SERPS.