//January BEST of the Month: Chef Danial Fink

January BEST of the Month: Chef Danial Fink

That lovely singing you hear coming from the kitchen at Garlíc? It is most likely the vocals of Chef Danial Fink. He has been entertaining both the staff and guests since he first joined the team in 2017.

Getting Started

After finishing his culinary studies in Philadelphia, Dan moved back to the Poconos, telling himself he was going to be a chef at the best restaurant he could find. Dan recounts that search by saying, “it brought me to Garlíc, obviously.” He decided to eat at the restaurant to test the full dining experience, and loved the appealing, upscale environment that accompanied the high quality food. He knew after just one meal at Garlíc that he wanted to be part of the restaurant’s hustle.

He believes that food tastes better when the chef is happy and having a good time. Dan puts his words into action as he does his best to always have fun while in the kitchen. He loves to multitask with the team as they prepare meals for guests, simultaneously chatting with each other, singing, and occasionally busting out a dance move when the mood strikes. Dan reflects on how well the front and back of the house hustle together, having the same goal of ensuring each guest receives the best service upon their visit to Garlíc.

Family Ties

Dan says he was taught to always give his best in whatever task he is faced with. While he spends many weekends, holidays, and late nights working, Dan has applied this mindset to his profession, stating: “I love it, so it’s not very difficult to put in all this effort.” He revealed that his favorite part about cooking is watching the transformation take place. Seeing the product in the beginning, whether it is a vegetable or a fish, he stays connected during the cooking process. Dan likes to think about where the item first came from, to what it can become with some creativity (and of course, a lot of love).

Much to his family’s delight, Dan’s cooking skills are utilized both on and off the clock. When he gets the chance, he enjoys making delicious meals such as fish for his mother and helping out with the turkey during Thanksgiving dinner. Dan is grateful for the close-knit Fink family and the support they continue to give him.

Learning from the Best

When it comes to Chef Dan’s style of cooking, he credits his previous culinary mentor, Ezra Duker, to have been his greatest influencer to date. Dan is appreciative of Duker for teaching him many of the recipes and techniques that have equipped him to propel forward.  After having worked for Chefs with French and Japanese influences, combined with Dan’s own twist on Modern American cuisine, he claims that his cooking style is a hybrid of all he has learned. As the youngest Chef in the Garlíc kitchen, he has certainly astounded the restaurant with his exceptional talent over the last year. Dan believes that he will never be done learning and is always looking to cultivate his culinary skills even further.

Chef Danial Fink

With his wicked knife skills, positive attitude, and eagerness to grow, the team at Garlíc certainly believes he will reach new heights in 2019. On behalf of TEPSBEST, congratulations to the January BEST of The Month, Chef Danial Fink!