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Located within the heart of the Poconos in Downtown Stroudsburg, TEPSBEST is uniquely composed of members who compliment each others’ talents to create the best media team in the Poconos. With a total of over 20 years experience hustling as the best in the industry, we are equipped to illuminate your brand.

Graphic Designer


Idea Illuminator aka Marketing Director 

Carolyn has over 10 years of professional graphic design experience working with a variety of clientele ranging from local businesses to a celebrity integrated PR firm. After graduating from Monmouth University, she designed for a few corporate businesses but finally found a home at TEPSBEST in 2018. Carolyn has a passion for designing and loves working with clients on illuminating their ideas and heightening their marketing potential. When she is not running the media empire, she is playing with her energetic puppy Nala, running half marathons, coaching others on a healthy lifestyle or baking something delicious in the kitchen. And if you haven’t guessed, her favorite color is teal.

Graphic Designer


Social Butterfly aka Social Media & PR Specialist

As a self-proclaimed Visual Fanatic, Jenna loves to produce inspiring media content. She is enthusiastic about utilizing social media platforms to encourage online community engagement, as well as representing TEPSBEST by maintaining personal relationships with individuals in the area. She is not afraid to get in on the action and tell a story whether it be through photography or videography. Another role Jenna proudly upholds is being a doting Aunt to her young nieces and nephews. She loves spending free time with her big family and close circle of friends, is an avid bookworm and a hopeless night owl.

Graphic Designer


Jack of All Trades aka Marketing Strategist

Eric is a recent graduate of East Stroudsburg University and joined the TEPSBEST team after a successful Media Internship. He has 4 years of experience within the graphic design industry but truly shines with client relations. He is always the first one to lend a hand and can come up with unique creative strategies on the whim. He has the most fun going out into the field to capture content such as videos and photography; but also secretly loves making deliveries and talking about what’s happening at the restaurants. When Eric is not hustling with the TEPSBEST team, he teaches guitar to students of all ages and repairs, restores and builds stringed instruments.