Michael and Diane Tepedino enthusiastically lead TEPSBEST, Inc. TEPSBEST consists of TEPSBEST Media and the TEPSBEST Restaurant Group. 

With nearly a decade of first-hand entrepreneurship experience through the extremely successful TEPSBEST Restaurant Group, TEPSBEST has learned by experience what drives business and what doesn’t – catapulting TEPSBEST as an emerging leader in the full-service media arena.

Our innovative, mobile, energetic, and thriving company is uniquely composed of members that complement each other, providing a comprehensive approach to media. Founders Michael and Diane have owned and operated a number successful restaurants, including Trackside Station Grill & Bar, Garlίc Prime Steak & Seafood, Liquid Martini Bar, and Tepedino’s Pizzeria. Mike and Diane pride themselves in the fact that they have purchased failing businesses and turned them into lucrative, destination dining establishments in Poconos.

TEPBEST Media has evolved into its own entity after the successful implementation and execution of a Marketing Department within the Restaurant Group. Last year alone, TEPSBEST’s marketing efforts yielded a 40% increase in revenues at both restaurants. This growth has been very apparent by local community members, as TEPSBEST Media’s services have turned into a commodity sought out by business owners in every industry. TEPSBEST Media’s multi-million dollar portfolio is representative of clients in the automotive; construction; education; health and beauty; hotel, restaurant, and tourism; insurance and banking; non-profit; retail; and wholesale.