Testimonials and Reviews: Are they really that important?

Are testimonials and reviews really that important to pay attention to? Let’s be honest… we are all somewhat skeptical. We tend to not believe everything we are told, especially from advertising agencies. So, what’s the deal?

Let me flip the question. Do you believe your friends? Family? Coworkers? If your friend told you there was this new restaurant that you have to try, would you try it? And if your brother told you a company screwed him over, would you call that company?

Testimonials and reviews are critical in customer relations and engagement. We are all guilty of researching what others think of a restaurant, product or businesses. If you see a lot of negative reviews, you most likely will steer in another direction. Vise versa, if you see a bunch of positive feedback, it will only validate your want to make a purchase.

As a business, you need to pay attention to what your audience is saying. And respond.

The Bigger Picture

Testimonials establish trust and credibility. Why? Because testimonials are sincere. They’re not fluffed up with marketing lingo or published by the company of the product or service. As consumers, we are more willing to believe in what’s being advertised if we can relate with the source of the information.

What is the best way to ask for testimonials?

There is no harm in asking. Instead of bluntly asking for someone to write you a testimonial, think of out of the box creative ideas on how to gain engagement. Use words like “I would love to hear what you think, you can find us on Facebook!” Most of the time, you will get a positive reaction. People want to help other people, and they love when someone cares about their opinion. When a business provides an outstanding service or product, customers will be more inclined to spread the word about your business, so go ahead and just ask!

What if I get a negative review?

It happens, and will continue to happen. Unfortunately, we cannot please the world. But what we can do, is respond. When you receive a negative review from a customer, read what they are saying and understand their situation. Then, respond publicly to them in a comment. 72% of reviewers are more likely to change their review to a more positive scenario after a professional and understanding response from the owner or manager.

Now what?

Asking for the testimonial is just half of the process. Using them correctly in the marking of your company or product is the other half. Positive testimonials should be showcased on your website and blasted on social media. Your guests went out of their way to write you a kind statement, why not flaunt it? Testimonials are your most powerful and most cost-effective form of marketing that are vital in attracting potential consumers, and keeping the ones you have now!

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