//The Marketing Power of Instagram and How to Use it

The Marketing Power of Instagram and How to Use it

Across the globe, there are over 800 million users on the popular photo and video social platform, Instagram. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Over 70% of Instagram users are scrolling and posting on a daily and consistent basis. Don’t have an Instagram account for your business? You might want to hop on the train.

What’s the Big Deal?

Instagrammers aren’t just using this app to share their own content, they’re using it to find NEW content. With the use of hashtags, stories and lives, Instagram is right up with social media giants like Facebook and has become instrumental in helping brands reach their target market. Now, don’t think Instagram is just posting photos and videos, there is a systematic approach behind making Instagram successful. But, if it was easy everyone would be successful at it, right?

Check out our 4 best Instagram tips to make your feed as flawless as possible.

1. Show your Human Side

DON’T go straight for the sale. If you are just out to sell something, no one is going to follow your page. Instagrammers are not scrolling their feed to be bought by some random ad. They are there to see the latest trends and learn stories. The more you connect with your audience, the more your sales will increase.

DO let your audience know you are real. Too often businesses get stuck on posting generic ads and images on their Instagram feed. But those candid and quirky posts of your employees and behind the scene action is going to get your page noticed. Be different and unapologetically YOU. The goal on Instagram for businesses is to give your audience a chance to relate with your company on a personal level. The more they relate, the more they engage. And the more they engage, the more likely they will be a loyal customer.

Getting people to engage with your content is much more important than simply having people view it, don’t you think?

2. Hashtags

DON’T use random hashtags that don’t have anything to do with your content. Sure hashtags help boost your likes on a post, but how many of those likes are actually genuine? Stay away from generic hashtags like “#food” for instance. Remember, when you use a hashtag your image is displayed below that particular hashtag on the search. The idea is to have your content stand out, not get lost within the other 303,906,748 posts with the same hashtag.

DO use a combination of unique and brand associated hashtags. When used correctly, hashtags are a great way to gain new followers. Not only that, but they make it easy for your audience to connect with your page. The primary goal to focus on is your brand association. Brainstorm what your brand stands for and make them into a hashtag. Then, you can throw in a combination of unique and broad hashtags to expand your reach.

PRO TIP: Create a hashtag that only your company uses. This not only gets people curious, but can allow your customers to use that hashtag when mentioning your company. Which, you probably guessed it, increases your engagement. #winwin

3. The Art of Photography

DON’T take a messy photo or video of your product or employees. The power of visual content is important to making or breaking your campaign. No one is stopping their scroll on Instagram for a photo of what looks like a mess. Take the time to really think about your what you are posting before you post it. You should care about the content on your feed as much as your newspaper ad — does anyone still even advertise in there?that you just paid $1k for.

DO plan out your posts and make your product and employees stand out. Stand out in a good way that is. Be conscious of your surroundings and focus on product placement. If you are a restaurant, make sure the plate is clean and has a “so good I could eat it” feel. Because hey, they don’t call it #foodporn for nothing. At the same point, if you are photographing a product, focus on what is in the background. I would highly recommend a color background with elements around the product that have to actually have relation to the product. Nuts n More is a great representation of killer product placement on Instagram. Side note…if you don’t like nut butters, you’re about to.

4. Be Consistent

DON’T post sporadically. When people follow your brand, they expect for you to be consistent with your posts. The more consistent you are with your feed, the more likely your audience will be engaged and continue to follow you. Don’t get in the habit of posting 1 picture on Monday, nothing on Tuesday or Wednesday and then 3 on Thursday. Be consistent, like you are in your business.

DO make a posting schedule and stick to it. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are a creature of habit. When a company posts around the same time every day, their audience anticipates their content and knows when to look for it. For instance, Trackside Station Grill & Bar posts their specials of the day around 11:30 Monday-Friday. This not only allows their audience to know when to expect their delicious new options for the day, but builds a sense of anticipation. Not to mention, increases engagement when followers search their feed for the day – because who can really look at just 1 delicious food photo? I’m salivating just thinking of their feed…

What’s Next?

Even if your company isn’t visual based, you can still reap the benefits of Instagram. You can take a photo of anything now-a-days and relate it back to your brand. You find imagery for your marketing, don’t you?

Feeling flustered? Maybe having a mini panic attack? Don’t stress out! Instagram takes time and success certainty does not happen over night. Our trained Social Media specialists have spent hours analyzing trends and specific marketing strategies. Call TEPSBEST at 570-476-4000 and dial 7 to speak with one of our specialists! We are in the heart of the Poconos in Downtown Stroudsburg, PA and are open Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm.